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S Curves And Project Management: S Curves

White Paper: The Mysterious S Curve

To begin learning about S Curves and Project Management, we recommend investing some time in reading The Mysterious S Curve White Paper, published by Midori Media. The White Paper explains in detail what S Curves are, how they are generated, and how they may be used in Project Management.

Click here to read The Mysterious S Curve White Paper online.

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White Paper: The Mysterious S Curve

S Curve Software

The easiest and quickest way to start generating S Curves for your Project is make a modest investment in S Curve generating software.

Midori Media's myPM SCG Starter is the ideal low cost solution. For more demanding users, myPM SCG Classic and/or myPM SCG Pro should meet your advanced needs.

Finally, myPM SCG Enterprise support MS Project Files, so there is no need to export to MS Excel, and offers additional Project Statistics compared to myPM SCG Pro.

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myPM SCG Enterprise: S Curve Generator